Thank you for your willingness to pray with us regarding the success and blessing of God on our Westheights Family Carnival. Below is a list of things you can pray about as the event quickly approaches. I am trusting for a team of people to pray on a daily basis for this event. We know that we have a spiritual enemy who wants to discourage us and defeat us as try to reach out into our community for Christ. So let's prayer together that we can reap a spiritual harvest in our community. I have included below some specific things we can remember as the event draws closer.

Proverbs 21:1 "The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord and He turns it whithersoever He wishes."


Specific Prayer Requests

Contacts in the Community

  • people sensing that God is at work in our church

  • people would see the church as a place of help

  • people would see the church as connected with the community

  • new families will come to our church and discover Christ

Safety for Participants

  • pray that no children, teens, adults would get hurt from any rides or events

  • no lost children

Good Weather


  • All volunteers would be healthy and have a positive attitude during the event.

  • Enough volunteers to make the event happen properly.

  • Safety of the volunteers.

  • Sense of teamwork throughout the church as we work together.

Carnival Planning Team

  • Kim Lester

  • Todd Lester

  • Doug Braun

  • Matt DiMarco

  • Devon Wagler

Greater vision of children's ministry

  • Opportunity to impact children and sow spiritual seeds for future generations.

No neighbourhood disturbances

  • We are praying that this event will be entirely positive for our community and neighbours and that there would be no complaints from the neighbours.

Promotion for future church events

  • Pray that we would have new children attend our Finders Keepers Kids Club in July as a result of this event.

  • Pray that Finders Keepers Kids Club will be very effective and many boys and girls will come to know Jesus.

Spiritual awakening in our community

  • Renewal and revival throughout our city.

God's Presence on our Property

  • Pray people will feel the difference in being around the people of God serving in agape love.

Juggler and Entertainer Bob Cates

  • Pray people would attend the shows in the sanctuary and overcome their fear of being inside of a church building.


Pray that we will have a great day!